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Congratulations to our Client of the Month for October!


Dave Kohan


Dave is a car mechanic during his day and weight slanger by night - clanging and banging all up and down the weight buffet. He's been making such incredible progress in the gym over the last few months, we wanted to highlight his hard work and perseverance with this month's highest honor.


Currently, he attends our evening CrossFit classes several times during the week and participates in several of our weekend trail runs and recently finished his first Spartan Sprint Race in Steubenville, OH.


Dave, tell us a little bit about yourself:

When did you start with Journeyman Fitness? How did you hear about the gym?

I started June 5th through the on ramp class program. I noticed the gym when I would see the large door open and see people working out inside.

What has been the biggest change to your physique / health over the time you've been here?

My strength is improving but my cardio is so much better even in the short time I've been with the gym compared to when I started.

What is the biggest "Aha" moment you've had since joining the gym?

I had an "Aha" moment my first week after on ramp. It was super intense for me but I realized if I want to get better and keep up, the only way was to keep coming to class and push through the soreness and fatigue.

What did you think about working out before you joined that you know is a terrible way of thinking? For instance, "lifting will get you bulky"

 Before starting I heard a lot of bad things especially about CrossFit how it was "bad for your body" and the injuries people could get and rhabdomyolosis. After the past 3 months its clear that with proper training and instruction it's clear that these issues aren't a huge worry and are an overstatement. You can also break leg getting off the couch.

What are you words of encouragement to anyone trying to make some big changes to their health?

I would say to stick with it and focus on the positive while improving the negatives. Push forward.

What are your favorite movements to do in the gym?

My favorite movements in the gym are definitly the deadlift and toes to bar.

What's been the best workout you've done so far?

The best workout so far has been the recent 3 rounds 15 deadlifts, 60 air squats, and 120 jump ropes. Great strength and cardio with a good sweat in 14 minutes.

What are your big goals over the next three months?

 I would like to improve on my cardio and endurance more, but more so focus on my strength and lifts. Not just for PRs but also to assist me in being able to efficiently do the RX workouts.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the gym?

 I enjoy hanging out with my friends and girlfriend the most outside the gym. 

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