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What is Power Hour?

When Journeyman Fitness started, we were all about CrossFit. It was the only thing we offered. Our clients changed their bodies, they got mentally tougher, they made great friends.

But as the gym is evolving, we're starting to see some opportunities to help many more people get fit. Which is where our "Power Hour" comes in. The class can be:

  • An hour of exercise designed for anyone to get a great sweat, leave feeling accomplished and amazing
  • An intro program for CrossFit, where you can learn most of the movements and become more flexible, mobile, and knowledgeable
  • An opportunity for more variety in their workout routine compared to just yoga, or just running, or just cycling, or just anything

This class is designed, in particular, for anyone who wants attention and coaching when they come into the gym, but isn't motivated by extensive barbell work like Overhead Squats or crazy gymnastic things you see in a typical CrossFit class.

Most clients will be 25 to 50 years old and can range from zero experience to having experience with another workout program, like an at home DVD or taking a class at their local big box gym. 

What Will We Do In Class?

The classes are all an hour long and designed to lead you through every important part of a workout. 

A warm up that will get you moving through a full range of motion to prepare for the class.

Mobility work to help increase the range of motion to make the exercises easier.

Circuits that keep you moving and challenged.

They'll be combinations of body weight only, plyo movements, as well as simple dumbbell and barbell work. 

Core Training to help you move better as well as tighten up your mid-section.

Some muscle shaping to help you look your best.

How Can I Start?

Fill out the form below! We'll give you a free week to try out the class. 

Then, we'll need to know when you want to start.

Our classes are as follows:

Monday and Wednesday - 6:30 PM

Tuesday and Thursday - 4 PM

Coming Soon

Monday through Thursday - 6:30 AM (Starting September 5th)

Monday through Friday - Noon (starting September 5th)



If you want to start on one of the times that begin after Labor Day, then sign up now to let us know you're interested. We'll hold your place and that'll let others know the class is filling up.

Will the Free Week Always Be Available?


Not forever. Just until Labor Day.

After that, we'll have a pretty sweet deal to try out a class or two, but the free week is because this class is new and we'd love to get some excited people like you into the class.


What happens after the free week?

We have an intro offer you can't miss.

Continue working out with us for 1 month at $99 for unlimited classes.

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