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A quick question before we get into this article:

If you're frustrated with trying to lose weight and failing over and over again, how many articles have you read about how to "boost your metabolism"?

A thousand?

Think about it:

Every issue of cosmopolitan, men's health, Shape, all have articles every month about how to change your metabolism. I'm sure over the months you've picked up and read a few. 

But is the issue that you need to "boost" it?

And how do you "boost" it? What have those articles recommended?

Here's a few super articles that left me with zero direction on how to boost my metabolism simply because there were SO MANY THINGS I NEEDED TO DO. has a list of 11 eating rules that will help you boost your metabolism

"Eat this, not that" has a list of 55 things you can do.

Women's Health has 9 things you can do to boost your metabolism.

If I woke up with a list of 55 things I needed to do (I'm referring to the list from "Eat this, not that"), I don't think I would even start. The list would be too much and I would probably just go back to bed. 


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