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If you had to lose weight to save your life, what would you do?

For some people, it becomes a desperate scene. They've "tried everything" and look at surgery as the only and remaining option. 

For Pat, he had a unique situation where it wasn't a lifetime of being overweight that triggered health issues, but an auto-immune disease that took away his kidneys and set off a cascade of health issues he wanted to fix. 

A little backstory: 

Patrick contacted us at Journeyman Fitness a few years after he had received a kidney from his sister.

Post-transplant, Pat was on a host of medications that were regulating his cholesterol, insulin, as well as a number of other things. 

His Fasting Blood Glucose levels were around 200 (a normal person's level is 77-90 and a diabetic is 160+) and his A1C was measured at 7.0. 

A father of three, Pat was not only motivated by his own situation, but he was also thinking about his kids in the future - so he had a lot driving this goal to improve himself.

If you're curious about his bloodwork, I've included some screenshots of his measurements at the bottom of the post.


What was the plan?

Pat started with us 9/20/2016 with exercise and our "Life" program - a structure eating plan to combat his diabetic blood glucose levels and high A1C

Although he has a unique situation, most of the initial work was basic daily habits:

  • Eating several meals spread evenly throughout the day to regulate his blood sugar
  • Balancing his portion sizes so he lost weight but didn't feel like he was starving throughout the day
  • Making sure he got in enough protein to support his lean mass and just enough carbs and fat to support his energy needs.
  • Giving him a mix of strength training and metabolic conditioning to build lean mass and burn fat
In addition to losing 4 inches around his abdomen, in the first six weeks, he also sent us his Fasting blood glucose levels he takes at the beginning of each month. 


Just recently, Pat sent me this email:

"Ali and Mark,

     Thank you again for all of your help and motivation.  After my labs in November, I reduced my oral meds to reduce my glucose.  My labs drawn today showed my fasting glucose was 66, and my meds will be further decreased if not eliminated all together!  Thank you very very much!!


Do you want to join our KICK START or LIFE program so you can see the same progress as Pat? Let us know.

The KICK START program is a 28 day nutrition coaching program we hold in January, May, and September of each year to KICK START your transformation. The LIFE program is a longer, 6 month program we can continue after the KICK START or run on its on any time during the year. 


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