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Have you ever heard that you need "small meals to fire up your metabolism?"

Ever be advised to just "grab a few almonds" when you're hungry?

Wonder why you're not losing weight?


I don't want to complicate things.

You're on your way to losing your first 10 lbs and everything is pretty overwhelming.

You're wondering if sweet potato is better than white potato.

And you've heard that cholesterol is bad for you but eggs (which has cholesterol) are good for you...


Hold up.

Take a breath.

And realize that everything will be ok.

Your body is a very resilient organism. You've gone through decades of surviving and I'm sure you're gotten past all of the bad days so far.

So now, when you're taking all of these steps to get healthy --- Keep It Simple.

Have a plan and keep it simple.

Which is why I want to share with you our "Not One Grape" rule.

It's a simple rule that let's you know when you can eat during the day.

It's different for everyone but the rules are simple.



You're going to split your day into two 12 hour blocks - 12 hours of eating and 12 hours of not eating.

From the first meal of the day, you're going to eat 4 meals every 4 hours.

So, if you start your day at 8 AM, then you'll have your next meals at noon, 4 PM, and 8 PM.

Start your day at 6 AM? Then your next meals are at 10 AM, 2 PM, and 6 PM.

IN BETWEEN THOSE MEALS, you're not going to snack or have any extra food.

"Not one grape."


Because we need your body to access the fat that's on your frame.

Your fat is just stored energy.

It's not the preferred source of energy compared with food in your stomach, but it's there and many people don't give their body enough opportunity to break down fat for energy -

Either by - eating too much during the day or eating too frequently throughout the day (which usually leads to eating too much).

So, with out "Not one grape" rule, we're going to give your body some ample time to switch from breaking down food that you've eaten for energy to breaking down adipose tissue (a process called lipolysis).

Plus, as far as a decision making process, this allows you to give some structure during the day.

I go over all of the details in the video.

If you want more structure and could use the systems we talk about in the video, think about joining our "KICK START" program. We run it 3 times a year, and it's a 28 day program designed to help you shed 12-24 lbs off your frame without requiring you to eat weird "diet" food. 

You can check out info about the program here. 

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