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CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness

Working out at Journeyman Fitness is a commitment to your health and well being, one that we hope will yield a benefit for years if not decades. 

The people who benefit from this healthy lifestyle should include not just yourself, but also your immediate family.

And if you want your family to join in on the lifestyle, then we have a plan for you. 


One assumption we're making is, the family members who are joining together will be both doing group classes. If that's not the case, then this will not apply.

Typically, if you sign up for group classes, then you decide on how frequently you'll be attending the gym each week - 2x, 3x, or unlimited times.

If you have a family member (or members) joining the gym, then the second person (or third, fourth, etc) will join the membership of the first person. 

The first person will be the "Base rate" for the rest of the family.

For instance, Suzy is joining the gym. She wants to come to the gym three times a week. 

Then, her brother Tom joins the gym. His membership will be a flat rate each month and he is also allowed to come three times a week.

If Suzy wanted to only come twice a week, then Tom would also only be allowed to come twice a week. Tom's rate would be the same as if Suzy came three times a week. 

That's how the "Base rate" for the membership would work.

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