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While being active needs to be part of your lifestyle, I think we can all agree that every day isn't roses and puppies. 

Some days you just want to climb under the covers and get a mulligan.

That's where our gym buddies come to save the day.

The Batman to your Superman.

The Watson to your Sherlock.

The Tina Fey to Amy Poehler?


Anyways, when you've got some great people all coming together, then the real magic happens. And the coaches and staff at Journeyman Fitness want to encourage you to bring your friends and family and neighbors to the gym with you so they can join the community and really get strong.

As a thank you, we've got a couple of things we'll be implementing starting Monday, September 19th.

For our group members (CrossFit and Bootcamp)

Our bring a friend weeks will continue to be scheduled.

We'll also be giving all of our group members a free week of classes gift to give to a friend. 

We'll also be giving you $20 off your membership each month that your referral is a member of the gym, whether it's a trial membership or full membership. 

So, here's how we envision this working.

We've got a Bring a Friend week scheduled which you invite your friend. They enjoy the classes and then you may also give them a free week of membership to try us out for an additional week.

If they sign up for a 3 month membership, then you (the referrer) will get $20 off your membership each month for three months. If they sign up for a 12 month membership, then you the referrer gets $20 off your membership due each month for 12 months ($240 value). This "Thank You" will stack, so if you bring multiple friends, then you will get several thank you's each month. 

If you or your referral leaves the gym, then the "Thank you" will stop as of their or your last day.


For SPT or PT clients

For SPT or PT clients, we'll be giving you Sessions that you can gift to your friend who would like to either join you or try out the PT sessions.

For you, if you refer a friend who signs up for SPT, we can either gift you an extra session each month or percentage off your membership each month during the time your friend is a member. 


Just having a gym is not enough.

We need and want high caliber people to surround us and no one is better than friends and family of our current members.

If you have a question about the policy or would like to refer someone, please reach out to us through email or chat with us at the gym.

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