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Listen, let's talk about some unsightly belly fat. 

I know everyone is in their own "situation" and needs to both be proud of the body they have as well as accept their lot in life, but I also recognize that everyone has the power to be their own agent of change.

If you're staring at your midsection and pleading with yourself to do something about your belly or any excess fat, then let's have a smart conversation about "how to" get rid of it.

And I'm not going to talk about a diet or a cleanse or a workout program, I'm talking about the mechanics of how you can lose the belly fat.

The principles are all the same when it comes to weight loss, it's just the vehicle for your success.

The fat loss is a product of your system.

And your system can be generalized into:

food & supplements --> digestion and absorption --> weight loss, muscle gain, & energy for activities


So, where can we improve?

Are you eating too much? Can we fix the "food & supplements" section of the system?

Are you able to properly digest and absorb the food and supplements? Do we need to fix the digestion section of your system?

Have you ever done a science experiment on your digestion where you try an "Elimination diet?"

It's a systematic process for determining what foods you're sensitive to and the ones that wreck your GI tract.

Watch the videos and let's have a smarter conversation about your "system."

Coach Mark

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