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I want to help you.


Somedays it'll be teaching you new lifts, or pushing you to run faster...

but today I want to teach you what Magnesium can do for you.



First, your homework is to read this article:


Some excerpts:


Magnesium is life.

It is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body, right next to sulfur (which is JUST as important).

Along with being a mineral, magnesium is also an electrolyte. “Sports drinks” (aka sugar-filled scams) claim to contain electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, and sodium because we sweat away these important nutrients during exercise, and their deficiency is what leads to the common problems athletes face, such as muscle cramping! But believe me – electrolytes (especially magnesium) do so much more than treat and prevent muscle cramps.


Why are we so deficient?

Here’s the short(ish) version: Number one, we’re being poisoned by our food. Number two, we’re increasingly stressed out. We’re running our engines on high to keep up with life and it’s draining us. Stress hormone production requires high levels of magnesium and stressful experiences lead to depletion of magnesium stores. Number three, we’re eating more sugar than ever. For every molecule of sugar we consume, our bodies use 54 molecules of magnesium to process it. Fourth, low levels in the soil and modern farming techniques deplete stores of magnesium. And lastly, magnesium is depleted by many pharmaceutical drugs and estrogen compounds such as oral contraceptives, antibiotics, cortisone, prednisone, and blood pressure medications (“Drug-induced nutrient depletion handbook,” Pelton, 2001). Diuretics in coffee and tea (caffeine) also raise excretion levels. Oh and by the way – flouride competes for absorption with magnesium!


Enjoy the read and start taking magnesium before bed. Recommended dosage for men is 400 mg and 300 mg for ladies.


Coach Mark


P.S. Seriously, this has done wonders for the quality of my sleep and I noticed a difference in two nights sleep. Give it a shot.


The best kind of Magnesium is chelated Magnesium

a grade down from that is Magnesium Citrate

The cheapest is Magnesium Oxide (but not great quality)

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