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Who are you going to become in 2017?

You may read a lot of contradicting articles or posts about "what's great" or "what's terrible" about New Years Resolutions. 

But, whether you're convinced that goal setting is worth your time or not, you can't argue that the New Year is one of the best opportunities to let go of what's holding you back and start something new.

For you, I hope that you have aspirations for your health this year. 

Jason has lost 20 lbs in the KICK START program

And I'm sure you've asked yourself this question, "How do I quickly transform my body without starving myself?"

And that's what I want to teach you.

Your body is very resilient. And if you're looking at losing weight that you've spent the last 10 or 20 years putting on - I want to assure you that you're going to be able to do it.

But starving yourself isn't going to be a long term solution.

So, if you're interested in changing and losing weight in the new year, you have several options.

KICKSTART - Begins January 20th (Friday) at 6:30 PM with a mandatory meeting

Jeannette lost 7 inches from her body in 4 weeks on the KICK START program

Imagine yourself in 4 weeks. 

Imagine yourself 15-25 lbs lighter.


Imagine yourself excited about weeks 5 to 8.

You're losing weight.

But you're eating 4 or 5 meals a day.

You've finally understood what a "Balanced Meal" means.

And you're not eating any weird diet foods.

You're not packing tupperware to friend's parties so you can stay on your plan.

You can enjoy going out to restaurants every now and then and don't stress out afterwards because you ate so much.

You have a plan.

If this sounds like something you want to work towards in 4 weeks, then contact us for a spot in our successful KICK START program. 

It begins on the 20th and we'll need to know you're committed by the Monday before hand so we can get some important information about you and prepare your customized plan.

$239 for the 4 weeks.

You do not need to work out at the gym to do this plan if you're far away from the gym.

However, we do have a beginners program, which you can read about below. 

ON RAMP - Begins Monday, January 23rd

Have you wanted to try CrossFit but felt intimidated or worried that you'd embarrass yourself?

Do you want to join a beginners' class that'll help you learn all the right technique and form without making you feel like an idiot?

Join us for four weeks for our ON RAMP program.

This is, conveniently, starting at the same time as our KICK START (which can help you lose body fat) and will run for four weeks.

Two weeks of exclusive instruction and basic workouts.

Two weeks of CrossFit classes to ramp you up into a new lifestyle.

Guaranteed changes in your body and your mind. 

$99 for the four week program - 3 classes a week, offered in the morning and evening on Monday and Wednesday, and 8 AM on Saturday.


Do you want to join both programs?

Awesome. You'll save some dough and get results better than people only doing one.

$299 for the two programs.


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