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A nugget from the weekend.
How did you feel this morning? Excited? Fired up? Ready to conquer?
Like a superhero?
Most likely, you woke up, rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, and said, “I’m tired.” Then you moved forward through the day.
How did you feel after you said those words?
Tired, obviously!
But, instead of saying, “I’m tired.” What happens if you say something like, “I’m ready to kick some butt!”
Yes, you would have been tired but your attitude would have been completely different. Being tired, all of a sudden, isn’t such a burden.
Or, what happens if you say, “I am a Superhero!” Imagine how awesome your morning would be after that.
Right now, you can change how you look at the day, whether you are tired or not. Follow these steps:
1) Realize how you want to feel. Pick a word or a persona that embodies that.
2) Say, out loud, “I am ________________” and fill the blank with that word or persona.
3) Step forward and conquer.
For me….
“I am Iron Man!”
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