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If you are joining us in our Foundations class, you’ll notice that we’re employing Wendler’s 5/3/1 program.

We squat on Tuesday, Press on Thursday, and Deadlift on Saturday. You could use these numbers to bench as well if you’d like and can carve out the time. In fact, I’ll spot you, bro!

If you want to read about what Wendler’s 5/3/1 program is about, there is a great article on T-Nation here.

The lifting sequence matches up perfectly with our philosophy on gaining strength:

  • Start Light
  • Progress slowly
  • Leave the ego at the door
  • Be able to train for a lifetime
  • No confusion (this will not be true when you first start – but that’s why you have a coach)

To help with the inherent confusion when you first start and need to calculate the numbers for the lifts, I’ve made an excel spreadsheet to help out.

Foundations 531 Program Calculations

Let me know what kind of questions you have. It’s not too difficult, but the first week could be tough.

After 4 weeks, add 10 lbs to your max deadlift and squat and 5 lbs to your max press and bench.

Recalculate and repeat the 4 weeks.

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