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When you come to the gym this week and next, you’ll notice that we’re doing some testing.
I wanted to write and specifically address the strategy of this week.
In addition, this will cover next week as well where we’ll be ramping up into another cycle.
The “Too Long; Didn’t Read” Section
Basically, we’re going to have a testing week to see how you’ve improved over the last few weeks and next week will be the first week of the next cycle.
Both weeks will be light on volume which means that I’m expecting you to come into the gym and bring the intensity.
This also allows for everyone’s body to recoup a little. It’s a deload. No one can go HAM 52 weeks of the year. We need some recovery time.
If you feel like you didn’t do enough during the workout:
1) Make sure that you’re bringing the fire during the Met-Cons
2) It’s by design. You should feel like you went hard but you can recover between days working out.
Testing Cycles
As a broad picture of what we do in the gym, everyone coming into our CrossFit classes may think that we’re doing completely random workouts in the gym.
That may be fine for them for a few weeks because learning all of the movements is difficult and takes a lot of bandwidth, but once the routine starts getting established, you should see how everything progresses.
Generally, our gym is training for the CrossFit Open in May of each year. All of the training is structured towards getting better every year and tailoring the style of workouts and strength workouts to perform well for 5 weeks in May.
Leading up to the CrossFit Open, there are several cycles that we go through that all have a focus. If you were rowing or powerlifting or getting ready for Football, you would be doing something similar.
Starting at the end of the CrossFit Open, we’ve beaten ourselves up a lot and the volume was high for a number of weeks.
The first cycle is focused on getting back to basics. Basic strength lifts. Building blocks of the olympic lifts. Basic CrossFit style workouts.
The second cycle works on increasing the volume and increasing the technical prowess but there is a lot of weaknesses getting worked. Namely Overhead work.
The third cycle will start resembling what you love about CrossFit. Higher volume workouts with more barbell complexes.
Each cycle should be more “fun” than the previous, but you’ll see more success each cycle if you truly put in the work during the previous cycle.
No one should feel like the work we do is random. If you wonder why there is a certain choice or where does “this” movement fit into the bigger picture, then just ask.
If you have a glaring weakness, you should tell a coach as well. Adding in an extra movement during the warm up is a great way to get more time under tension without crushing you.
Make sense? Good. Now go out and crush some lifts.

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