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We’re excited to host the Christmas Throwdown for the second year! Last year’s event was incredible and we’d like to have a bigger event this year and flesh out the Rx events in particular.

Date: Saturday, December 5th, 2015. First workout starts at 8 AM. Details below

The workouts will be three timed events with classic CrossFit Movements. No Ring Handstand push ups with a Medicine Ball between your feet. The workouts are a great way for new athletes to get experience competing as well.

There is no Master’s category (unfortunately).

The Scaled event is very popular, so make sure that you register early to lock in your spot.

Read below for info on Registration, the Workouts, Starting Time, Judging, and Parking.


Want to sign up?

Click here to purchase a ticket.

Make sure to register for Rx or scaled. And you definitely need to purchase a ticket for this event at “Journeyman Fitness.” The tickets are location specific.



Climb the Ladder – 1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3, etc to get as many reps as possible

Power Clean + Thruster + Shoulder to Overhead

Rx weights – 95/65 lbs

Scaled weights – 65 / 45 lbs

At the start of the WOD, the athlete will perform one power clean, one thruster, and one shoulder to overhead. Then the athlete will perform two power cleans, two thrusters, and two shoulder to overheads. The athlete will continue as high on the ladder until the timer reaches 8:00.


5:00 AMRAP

Find a 4 RM Hang Snatch (Bar cannot touch the ground)

After completing your final weight, in the remaining time, the tiebreaker will be max double unders.

Scaled, the tie breaker will be max single unders in the remaining time.


AMRAP 8:00

100 KB Swings (1.5 / 1 pood)

80 Wallballs (20# to a 10′ target / 14# to a 9′ target)

60 Pull ups

40 Burpees


AMRAP 8:00

40 KB Swings (1 / .75 pood)

30 Wallballs (14# to a 10′ target / 8# to a 9′ target)

20 Burpees

Final (For Rx athletes Only) – To be revealed before the event after the results of the three WODs determine a top 5

Starting Time

These times will be updated closer to the event.

Workout 1 will begin at 8 AM.

Event Order is: Men’s Rx, Men’s Scaled, Women’s Rx, Women’s Scaled

Workouts 2, 3, and the Final event will follow based upon number of athletes registered.


Doors to the gym open at 6:30 AM

Athlete registration begins at 6:45 AM

Judges meeting at 7:20 AM

Athlete and Judge Meeting at 7:40 AM

Want to be a judge?

Do you enjoy critiqueing squat depth?

Like to no rep your friends while they’re slowly dying during thrusters?

Then help us judge the competition. Contact us at We need about 7 judges to be completely set and allow for people to take breaks.

Want to help athletes register and enter in times after workouts? That’s also a very important job. Let us know!


We’re located behind the Drive-through Starbucks on Rt. 19 in Wexford and across the Street from Chipotle. As you pull in, there is plenty of parking in front of the gym as well as behind UPMC Urgent Care. Parking is first come first served.

At 7 AM, the traffic is light around Starbucks but it will be crowded after 8:30 AM if you arrive late.

Pull into the parking lot like you’re pulling into Starbucks and drive to the right of the drive-through. Or go through the drive through and get a coffee with an add shot.

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