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I’m putting this down on the blog so that people have a great place to look for upcoming events. It’s a lot of information so make sure you read through

  1. Journeyman Fitness goes Bowling
  2. No more noon class – 2:30 PM for life!
  3. Open House for Boot camp class this Friday
  4. Team Competition at the gym – sign up by this Friday
  5. Bring a Friend Week – February 8th


Journeyman Fitness Goes Bowling!

We’re throwing down on Pine Plaza Lanes on Saturday Night! All members are invited to join.

Just let us know if you’ll be coming. We’ll get 3-4 lanes and have a great time.

Sign up sheet is in the waiting room at the gym.

Where: Pine Plaza Lanes – 1130 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

When: Saturday, January 30th at 9 PM till at least 11 PM

Who: Members of the gym

No More Noon Class (for now)

We’re trading our noon class for a 2:30 PM class.

Our attendance has been sparse at the noon class so we’ll forgo it until we get more members who want to work out then.

Any SPT clients are welcome to schedule time during noon.

The schedule will be updated to reflect it.

Open House for Boot Camp Class this Friday!

Tired of trying to figure out your own workouts?

Unmotivated when you work out by yourself?

Don’t know where to start?

Join us on Friday for a free Boot Camp class!



We’re holding a free class this friday at 9:15 till 10:15

One Hour class designed for all abilities. Bring your friends and families who have been complaining about how tough it is to get on a program.

Call us at 724-719-2644 if there are any questions or email at to let us know you’re coming.

Fun Team Competition at the gym – sign up by this Friday!


We’re setting up a fun team competition in the weeks leading up to the CrossFit Open.

In mixed teams, we’ll be holding a “March Madness” bracket tournament with some fun events. We’ll have roughly two team workouts a week to be completed over the next three weeks depending on how many people sign up.

All experienced and beginner athletes are encouraged to join.

Sign up is due this Friday, January 29th!

Bring a Friend Week – February 8th

More information on this later but,

We’ll be holding our wildly successful “Bring a Friend” week starting on February 8th.

Bring your friend who sees the incredible progress you’ve made in the gym.

Bring your co-worker who has always wanted to try out a class.

Help a neighbor by bringing them to some personal training.

February 8th till the 13th. More info to come!

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