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Welcome to Journeyman Fitness’s blog and welcome to the start of your journey.

First off, congratulations on beginning something new. You’re awesome for doing that.

Starting anything new is always nerve wracking and definitely the worst part of any aspect of your life.

People are, basically, designed to seek out a status quo or homeostasis. Starting a new workout plan or eating style or morning routine disrupts that homeostasis.

To keep on the program until the new becomes the regular, I hope you’ve found a pretty big “why.”


That’s where I want to start:

  1. Your “Why” for starting at Journeyman Fitness.
  2. What to expect on the first day of any new workout plan

These two foundational pieces will dictate your trajectory and momentum over the next couple of months.

You’ve already found a “what” – a new workout plan.

But you’re “why” – the reason for making your choices throughout the day – needs to be pretty big.

When it’s 5 AM and you need to work out before you go to work, being motivated by low cholesterol levels isn’t going to get you out of bed.

Being a healthy father for your kids is a great reason to get out of the bed.

Working out because you want to fit into a certain pair of jeans isn’t a great “Why”, but working out to set an example for the other moms is a great reason.

If you’re health is directly tied to your success in your job and your career, for instance, if you’re a real estate agent and need to communicate the idea of “success” then working out should be a priority in your day.

What’s your why?


Once you have your why, put on your favorite workout shirt and lace up your shoes – we’re going to get sweaty!

But not too sweaty!

You’re first day is just that – your first workout. It’s going to be different than the day before and a shock to the system. And, most importantly, there will be many workouts after this one.

Considering I want you to come back in two days, I don’t want you to crush yourself so you can’t walk for an entire week. I want you to get slightly uncomfortable and that’s it.

What is “slightly uncomfortable? Well, it will be different for every person. If you’ve been working out every day for the last year and this is just a new workout plan, then your intensity level is going to be different than the person who strains themselves going up two flights of stairs.

Both people deserve to work on themselves, but their comfort zones are much different sizes.

Think about it on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being a workout so hard you’re not sure if your heart can beat any faster. And 1 being on the level of a nap on the couch.

I want you around a 4-6 – right in the middle.

Does this sound like I’m trying to short change you? It shouldn’t. It should sound like I’m helping you out for day 2.

It may feel like you’re being wishy washy – but remember, it’s the first day and we want many other days of working out with us.

So, when you see the workout on the board and you hear one of the coaches explaining what’s going on – think about “What is the minimum effective dose of working out I can handle that will get me change?”

What’s the lightest weight I can use to get uncomfortable but get a great workout in? What’s the fastest I can go so I can finish the workout but be in control of myself?

The coaches will help and we’ll have eyes out for you, so ask if you’re not sure. But don’t think that you have to impress anyone but yourself.

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