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Hey you!

Yeah, you! The one slinging weight around at Journeyman Fitness!

We want you to help us out.

And we want the biggest thing you can give us. Your trust.

Don't just survive life - Live it!

Don’t just survive life – Live it!


We don’t want just anyone to come into Journeyman Fitness and work out at the gym. We want a very specific kind of person to partner with us.

Someone who wants to invest in their health and is dedicated, in the long run, to improving their quality of life.

Considering you’ve already made a commitment to your own health, we need you to look to a close friend who is unhappy with their current fitness program and invite them for a free week at the gym.

Why is this such a big ask for us? Because we know how much your trust means to us as well as your friends.

So, we’re not going to take this lightly – we’re going to welcome your friends into the gym with open arms and encouraging words and a plan of action.

Hopefully, after a few workouts with us, they’ll realize there is something to hiring an expert for their fitness and join us for a few months.


What are we going to do to say thank you if your friend signs up with us?

We’ll give you a free one on one training session with our coaches as well as a $25 gift card to the gym to be spent on gear or memberships.

For your friend, we’ll also give them a $25 gift certificate to be spent on gear as well.

So, it’s a win win win.


February 8th through the 15th

Invite a friend who has lost that “New Year” fire that they had so strong at the beginning of january.

Get them into a routine and into a program of success

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