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So many women I talk with, no matter what age, have similar concerns and complaints about their bodies. Most want to see a change in how they look, feel, and what they can do.

I’ve spoken with women who say they look chubby, flabby, and weak. They want to look skinny, healthy, and toned.

I’ve spoken with women who say they feel tired, unhappy, and self-conscious. They want to feel happy, confident, and energized.

I’ve spoken with women who can’t get through a workout they found online, can’t keep up with their kids, and can’t get rid of that little stomach pudge. They want to complete workouts that will get results, have the energy to spend time and play with their family, and live life physically independent from others.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements? Do you have a problem with how you look, feel, or act?

My solution for you is one most women don’t readily turn to; but through Crossfit, it’s an easy, everyday thing. I’m talking about strength training.


I know some women might be put off by this idea. If you are, don’t stop reading! Before I explain to you why and how strength training can combat all the negative feelings and actions you’re experiencing, let me address some basic reservations women have with strength training.


Here’s a common list of responses I get from women when talking to them about Crossfit and weightlifting. See if you relate to any of the following:

  1. FullSizeRender“I don’t want big arms or legs.”
  2. “I can’t lose my feminine curves!”
  3. “I don’t want to look like a man!”
  4. “People won’t find me attractive if I’m muscular.”
  5. “I won’t fit into my clothes if I’m bulky.”
  6. “I want to lose weight, not gain muscle.”
  7. “I want to look like the ‘fitness models’ I see in magazines and on Instagram.”


Any of those sound familiar? I hear them all too often, and I believe that attitude is influenced by many aspects of society.

Unfortunately, women are told to be small, even weak. We’re fed this lie by the media, beauty industries, history, men, and, most unfortunately, other women.

The misconception that strength training is only for muscular women and men and that if you begin strength training you too will become an Olympic weightlifting-sized woman with huge arms and legs is just not true.


Here’s some real facts about strength training that prove it can cure your negative body image, emotions, and actions:

  • body fat is the first to go when training, replaced by muscles increasing in size, tone, and strength
  • it increases tendon, bone, and ligament strength = overall healthier joints
  • it promotes weight loss – muscle burns more calories than fat because of the high metabolism (energy expenditure) of muscle tissue
  • it decreases blood pressure and heart rate = healthier heart and lungs
  • strength training increases energy
  • it promotes better sleep – bodies that train hard, rest hard
  • it increases endorphin release and relieves stress

And if, even after reading about all of these health benefits to strength training, you’re still worried about “bulking up”? I’ve got news for you: building muscle mass doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes time (I’m talking years), effort (say 5 to 7 hours of training a day), and specific nutrition (no ice cream in this diet) to build enough muscle mass to be “bulky”. And the people who “bulk up” usually do so to compete at very high levels of athletics (I’m talking the pros and Olympians, not your average Sue).


I understand not everyone wants to be a professional athlete. But I do believe everyone wants to be the best, healthiest “them” they can be – and strength training through Crossfit can help you achieve that goal!

We’ve got the coaches, the equipment, the workouts, the knowledge, and the experience… all you’ve got to do is show up!

Show up to a Crossfit class. Lift some weights (safely). Start working on your best self!


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