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Journeyman Fitness is hosting another Bring a Friend Week this July 25th – 30th, and we’re encouraging our members to invite their family and friends to join us for a workout.

But, let’s be honest; when asked to attend a Crossfit class many of your friends and family may not really understand what they’re getting into. And, although you’ve been Crossfitting for a few months or more, they may have questions about Crossfit that you don’t know how to answer. Don’t worry – I’ll answer them all for you, right here and now!

Consider this a crash-course in most things Crossfit: What Crossfit is, what goes on at a Crossfit class, and what we at Journeyman Fitness do differently.


CrossFit’s name says it all: fitness across many different dimensions of athletics. The main components of Crossfit are cardiovascular exercises, weightlifting, gymnastics, and calisthenics. Every Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) is comprised of a mix of these main elements and the elements change each day. We also like to switch up the duration and intensity of the workouts.
The result is a dynamic full-body workout.

Crossfit has become an international phenomenon since its beginning in 2000. For some, it’s a highly competitive sport. But for most Crossfitters, it’s a fun, one-hour-long daily dose of physical activity. The ultimate goal of regular Crossfit exercise is to achieve a high level of fitness across all of the domains to build an all-around healthier individual.

(If you’re interested and want to know more about Crossfit’s definition of fitness, read the mother of all Crossfit journal articles written by the main man himself, Greg Glassman, here.)


Okay, so now you’ve got an idea of the fundamental Crossfit philosophy. But how do those ideas transfer to a day-to-day program? What will you experience when walking into a basic “open” Crossfit class?

All classes follow a simple formula that’s used throughout the Crossfit world: one hour, broken up into three important pieces.

First, a warm-up session that’s designed to spike the heart rate, get the blood flowing, wake up the muscles and prepare the body for the rest of the workout. This can consist of any mix of dynamic stretching, muscle activation, and short but deliberate versions of callisthenic or strength exercises.

Secondly, the lift. For most gyms on an average day, this will be the time to work on an Olympic weightlift. On a more basic level, this is a strength training time, so any sort of strength movement can be practiced. This time is also used to work on (most likely) gymnastics skills.

Finally, the WOD. The MetCon. No matter what you call it, it’s gonna make you move, it’s gonna make you sweat, and it’s gonna push you to your limits. Crossfit WODs vary so much that you could be working for 6, 20, even 45 minutes in one go! That’s why we love WODs; they’re always new and exciting.


You’ll train through this 3-part formula at Journeyman Fitness too. But, even though we are a Crossfit affiliate, there’s some things we do differently to make sure you experience a safer, simpler, and more personalized workout.

  1. We have 4 different scaling options for every workout.

Each WOD comes in four different “flavors” at JF: Scaled, Rx, Rx+, and Competitive. We plan the options based on our athletes: Rx is the standard skill and work level that any regular gym goer can accomplish and Scaled is a simpler version of that. Rx+ is a bit beyond what a regular Crossfitter could do, and Comp is designed based upon Regional and Games-level athletes. The point of the options is to match each person with the workout they will be the most successful at completing while staying safe.

  1. We’ll break down any lift or skill to something you can handle, then give you a plan to work towards the real deal.

Let’s take a Squat Snatch for example. Not many people come into our gym with the ability to perform a perfect Squat Snatch. Instead, we introduce basic squat form and wide-grip barbell handling and then provide them with an alternative exercise related to the Snatch that will put them on track to developing the strength and skill to someday do a Squat Snatch.

  1. We’ll never let you start a movement without checking in with you first.

You’re not going to begin any exercise until our trainers know you’re doing the movement correctly and safely. We know that strength, skill, and endurance are only built when performing exercises correctly, so why have you moving in any other way? This also prevents any unwanted injuries from occurring.


Journeyman Fitness aims to make your Crossfit experience enjoyable (remember, enjoyable does not equal easy); so much so that you want to come back for more!


We’re here to simplify fitness so you can reach your goals. We’re here to comb through all the diet fads and juice cleanses and deliver accurate, customized nutrition coaching. We’re here to support your fitness and nutrition habits with pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

We want you to feel the difference all three of these can make in your daily life – the difference between just surviving life and actually living to your fullest potential.



I hope this small look into Crossfit and Journeyman Fitness’ mission can clear up any reservations you or your loved ones may have concerning Crossfit. Remember to use this post as a tool to invite them to JF for our Bring a Friend Week!

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