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If you’re involved at all within the Crossfit world, you’ve probably been watching at least part of the Crossfit Games this past week.


The Teens and Masters have been finished since Friday, but the Teams and Individuals are still battling it out. It’s been an inspiring and exciting week of competition and it’s easy to be in awe of what these athletes can do.

It takes a certain amount of prior knowledge to really appreciate the athletes. If you’re a part of a Crossfit gym and have completed some of the movements and lifts seen on the Games, you understand just how amazing the feats of strength and skill are.

But there’s another side to watching the Crossfit Games. There’s a tendency to see the athletes compete at the highest level and tell yourself,
“I’ll never reach a Games-level athleticism. I’ll never lift that much weight, complete that many reps, or master that gymnastics skill.”

It’s a dangerous and negative mindset to have. Through this post, I want to remind Crossfitters of the positive motivation the Games can offer.


3 Positive Messages for Crossfit Teens:

  1. You have so much potential!
    Imagine yourself 3-5 years ago: you probably weren’t even Crossfitting yet. Reflect on how far you’ve come! You’ll only continue to improve and grow.
  1. Starting young will set you up for continued success.
    You’re gaining experience early on and will only continue to build on the skills you already have. Keep working!
  1. Be willing to learn.
    You don’t know everything. There’s older and wiser Crossfitters out there; listen to them! They have invaluable information to share.

3 Positive Messages for Crossfit Masters:

  1. Past your prime? Hell no!
    There’s no age limit on Crossfit.
  1. It’s never too late to start.
    Scaling options are your best friend. Maybe you can’t do a 95 lb push press, but you can get a 15 lb dumbbell over your head, and that’s a feat in itself.
  1. You’ll leave a legacy/set an example for your children and other young athletes.
    There’s a few Masters athletes competing at the games who also have children competing in the Individual or Teams competitions. You may not realize it, but you’re setting an example for all other Crossfit athletes who aspire to be as badass as you when they’re your age!

3 Positive Messages for Crossfit Individuals:

  1. Enjoy your strengths and build upon them!
    Are you a wallball queen? Can you back squat more than people twice your size? Get excited about that! Love your strengths and develop them farther – you may even reach Games-level abilities.
  1. Know your weaknesses and practice, practice, practice.
    Can’t get that kipping pull-up down? Feel like you’re held back in every workout with double-unders? Don’t shy away from the challenge. Put in extra time to improve, just like the Games athletes do.
  1. Compete against yourself first and others second.
    Beat your own times and lift more than your old PRs before trying to out-lift or out-rep others.

3 Positive Messages for Crossfit Teams:

  1. An affiliate is a community, and a community is your rock.
    You wouldn’t get anywhere without a place and people to work out with. Be grateful for the community around you!
  1. Someone’s always rooting for you.
    Your coaches and fellow athletes want to see you succeed – keep cheering them on and they’ll do the same for you.
  1. There’s no “strongest” or “weakest”, there’s only experience level.
    A young man that squats 415 lbs isn’t “better” than a 40-year-old woman who’s been doing Crossfit for 5 years. He may be stronger, but she’s done a few hundred WODs in her time. Don’t sell yourself short or underestimate others.


While the Games finish up this weekend, keep these messages in the back of your mind. If you feel you’ll never compare to the Games athletes, instead think of them as examples to emulate.

We may be mere mortals in comparison to Crossfit Games athletes, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing awesome things for ourselves! Our goals may be small in comparison to Rich Froning Jr.’s. We are working on losing 10 lbs, doing 10 unbroken push-ups, or finally getting that first bar muscle up while he’s trying to help Crossfit Mayhem place 1st at the Games (again!).

They may be different, but each of these goals are valid and worth working towards!


Use the Games as inspiration to set new goals. Push the limits on what you think you can do. Then come into Journeyman and let us help you make those goals a reality!


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