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  • Power Hour

    What is Power Hour?
    When Journeyman Fitness started, we were all about CrossFit. It was the only thing we offered. Our clients changed their bodies, they got mentally tougher, they made great friends. But as the gym is evolving, we're starting to see some opportunities to help many more people get fit. Which is where our "Power Hour" comes in. The class can be:
    An hour of exercise designed for anyone to get a great sweat, leave feeling accomplished and amazing
    An intro program for CrossFit, where you can learn most of the movements and become more flexible, mobile, and knowledgeable
    An opportunity for more variety in their workout routine compared to just yoga, or just running, or ....

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  • Power Hour Thank You!

    We are very excited to get going with you. If you're ready to jump into a program that can help you:
    Get lean
    Get Stronger
    Feel Better
    Challenge you day in and day out You've found the right place. How to start:
    We've gotten a note from our system letting us know you want a free week - so send us an email at letting us know when you want your first date to be
    Make sure you've got some great looking workout clothes, water bottle, and leave your ego at home.
    Show up 15 minutes early to make sure you know how to get to the place and there aren't any issues with traffic or directions Finally, we need you to do one last thing Tell your friends about the ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - 30 At Home Workouts That Don't Need Equipment

    30 At Home Workouts That Don't Need Equipment

    Sometimes, whether you're short on time, or you're traveling for work, you need a workout. But the problem is: you don't have a gym to work out in. Obviously, that's a super bummer. But we've got the solution for you. We put together 30 workouts you can do at home, or on the road, that require no equipment* I added that little star because there are a few that require a pull up bar. For dips, you can use a bench or the edge of your bed. But they'll give you a challenge without requiring you to go to the local LA Fitness. Fill in your information and we'll send you a pdf by email. ....

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  • Whitelisting Emails from JF

    I know - this is super exciting stuff. But it is necessary. It's never fun when you're out of the loop, and with all of the increased security and filtering through work emails, the chances of you missing our emails is super high. So, follow these super easy instructions for "whitelisting" our emails AKA letting your email service know that we're not a security threat or spam. Whitelisting with Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo email AOL Mail

    Open a message from the desired sender
    Click Show Images: Always for this sender
    Comcast SmartZone

    Click Address Book

    Click New
    . Select New Contact

    Add email address.
    Click Save

    Open a message from the desired sender
    Click ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - 3 Day Meal Plan

    3 Day Meal Plan

    The key to weight loss is not following a strict diet, having unrealistic body image expectations, or depriving yourself of your favorite foods. Rather, it’s about adopting lifestyle changes that improve your overall health and help you look and feel like your best self. If your last diet fell apart before you really got started, we’ve created an easy-to-stick-to healthy meal plan to make your weight-loss plan a success. Follow the suggested meals on this weight-loss meal plan in any order, and you can expect to be one step closer to a healthier, leaner you in three days. ....

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  • Metabolism - Do you Have a Fast Or Slow Metabolism?

    A quick question before we get into this article: If you're frustrated with trying to lose weight and failing over and over again, how many articles have you read about how to "boost your metabolism"? A thousand? Think about it: Every issue of cosmopolitan, men's health, Shape, all have articles every month about how to change your metabolism. I'm sure over the months you've picked up and read a few. But is the issue that you need to "boost" it? And how do you "boost" it? What have those articles recommended? Here's a few super articles that left me with zero direction on how to boost my metabolism simply because there were SO MANY THINGS I NEEDED TO DO. has a list ....

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  • ON RAMP Classes

    Interested in CrossFit but wondering how you can get started? We've got the perfect class for you... Our ON RAMP class. How this works
    For $99, we're offering you four weeks of classes. For the first week, those classes will be in a small group of up to 4 people, where we will instruct and teach all of the basic movements you'll see in CrossFit. The classes will be Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 PM and Saturday morning at 8 AM. The classes will run concurrently with the Open class we have at that time. The small class of 4 and an instructor will allow you to receive plenty of attention and instruction from one of our coaches. The class will be an hour and will include a ....

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  • Pat took his Fasting Blood Glucose from 200 to 66

    If you had to lose weight to save your life, what would you do? For some people, it becomes a desperate scene. They've "tried everything" and look at surgery as the only and remaining option. For Pat, he had a unique situation where it wasn't a lifetime of being overweight that triggered health issues, but an auto-immune disease that took away his kidneys and set off a cascade of health issues he wanted to fix. A little backstory: Patrick contacted us at Journeyman Fitness a few years after he had received a kidney from his sister. Post-transplant, Pat was on a host of medications that were regulating his cholesterol, insulin, as well as a number of other things. His Fasting ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Our "Not One Grape" rule

    Our "Not One Grape" rule

    Have you ever heard that you need "small meals to fire up your metabolism?" Ever be advised to just "grab a few almonds" when you're hungry? Wonder why you're not losing weight? --------- I don't want to complicate things. You're on your way to losing your first 10 lbs and everything is pretty overwhelming. You're wondering if sweet potato is better than white potato. And you've heard that cholesterol is bad for you but eggs (which has cholesterol) are good for you... Just... Hold up. Take a breath. And realize that everything will be ok. Your body is a very resilient organism. You've gone through decades of surviving and I'm sure you're gotten past all of the bad days so ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Free "Butts and Guts" Class on November 14th at 9:30 AM

    Free "Butts and Guts" Class on November 14th at 9:30 AM

    Struggling with getting in shape? Tired of wasting away on the elliptical? Join us for a free week of classes, starting November 14th, 2016 at 9:30 AM. Classes are an hour and will guarantee to strengthen your entire body while giving extra attention to two important parts of your core - your glutes and your abs. Let us know you're coming by filling out the form below. .beta-base .preheader, .beta-base .header, .beta-base .sidebar, .beta-base .body, .beta-base .footer, #mainContent { text-align: left; } .beta-base .preheader, .beta-base .header, .beta-base .body, .beta-base .sidebar, .beta-base .leftSidebar, .beta-base .rightSidebar, .beta-base .footer { margin: 0; ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Coffee


    Love coffee? Love coffee so much you'll sit in a drive thru? Here's an awesome and funny video to pass the time. Wonder how you can burn off the calories that you're going to consume in the Starbucks cup? We give free fitness consultations where we sit down with you and chat about how you can lose your first 10 lbs and the plan that you need. ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Want A Free Personal Training Session?

    Want A Free Personal Training Session?

    Are you tired of wasting your time in the gym? Frustrated with the lack of results? Bored with the same old routine? ----- Finally, are you ready to lose your first 10 lbs? ---- One of the biggest wastes of time can be "the gym." Obviously, getting in shape means you need to start somewhere, but have you noticed that after about a month, your progress stalls and things get a little boring. Your body has adapted to the routine you're on and now you need something new or something progressively more difficult to make changes. However, many just continue on with their schedule, not realizing that this is typical for a beginner. Very few recognize that they're getting into a slump ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Family Memberships at Journeyman Fitness

    Family Memberships at Journeyman Fitness

    Working out at Journeyman Fitness is a commitment to your health and well being, one that we hope will yield a benefit for years if not decades. The people who benefit from this healthy lifestyle should include not just yourself, but also your immediate family. And if you want your family to join in on the lifestyle, then we have a plan for you. --- One assumption we're making is, the family members who are joining together will be both doing group classes. If that's not the case, then this will not apply. Typically, if you sign up for group classes, then you decide on how frequently you'll be attending the gym each week - 2x, 3x, or unlimited times. If you have a family member (or ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Referrals at Journeyman Fitness

    Referrals at Journeyman Fitness

    While being active needs to be part of your lifestyle, I think we can all agree that every day isn't roses and puppies. Some days you just want to climb under the covers and get a mulligan. That's where our gym buddies come to save the day. The Batman to your Superman. The Watson to your Sherlock. The Tina Fey to Amy Poehler? --- Anyways, when you've got some great people all coming together, then the real magic happens. And the coaches and staff at Journeyman Fitness want to encourage you to bring your friends and family and neighbors to the gym with you so they can join the community and really get strong. As a thank you, we've got a couple of things we'll be implementing ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Social Contest for Our Lean and Lovely Class!

    Social Contest for Our Lean and Lovely Class!

    Hey! Are you interested in trying out our Lean and Lovely class? It's on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. It's specifically designed for ladies and for women who are starting a new program. Great for all levels. Put your name and email down in the form below and we'll forward you a promo code for the class. A week of classes for $24.99   .beta-base .preheader, .beta-base .header, .beta-base .sidebar, .beta-base .body, .beta-base .footer, #mainContent { text-align: left; } .beta-base .preheader, .beta-base .header, .beta-base .body, .beta-base .sidebar, .beta-base .leftSidebar, .beta-base .rightSidebar, .beta-base .footer { ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Thank you so much! We'll be in touch shortly, but did you know there is more to do on this site? First off, check out one of our best blog posts - " Stop working out to lose weight! " ....

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  • How to Design a Strength Routine

    How to Design a Strength Routine Want to get strong? Want to be able to run faster? Want to look better with your shirt off? Whether you're a man or woman, adding a routine in the gym is always a great choice when you're training for GPP, or general preparation phase. And for someone who only has three times a week to workout in the gym, it doesn't need to look like a classic bodybuilding routine split (think: back and bis, chest and tris, legs, cardio and abs). You can rotate through all the major lifts, add in important accessory work to build muscle and decrease the chance of injury, and sprinkle in some HIIT to shed some fat. Bob's your uncle and you're ready to go to the ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Get Rid of That Belly Fat!

    Get Rid of That Belly Fat!

    Listen, let's talk about some unsightly belly fat. I know everyone is in their own "situation" and needs to both be proud of the body they have as well as accept their lot in life, but I also recognize that everyone has the power to be their own agent of change. If you're staring at your midsection and pleading with yourself to do something about your belly or any excess fat, then let's have a smart conversation about "how to" get rid of it. And I'm not going to talk about a diet or a cleanse or a workout program, I'm talking about the mechanics
    of how you can lose the belly fat. The principles are all the same when it comes to weight loss, it's just the vehicle for your success. ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Sleep better after taking Magnesium...

    Sleep better after taking Magnesium...

    I want to help you. Everyday. Somedays it'll be teaching you new lifts, or pushing you to run faster... but today I want to teach you what Magnesium can do for you. -- First, yourhomework is to read this article: http://www.collective- were-all-deficient-in- magnesium-the-many-signs-what- to-do/ Some excerpts: Magnesium is life. It is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body, right next to sulfur (which is JUST as important). Along with being a mineral, magnesium is also an electrolyte
    . “Sports drinks” (aka sugar-filled scams) claim to contain electrolytes such as ....

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  • The Games are on: Watch and be Inspired!

    If you’re involved at all within the Crossfit world, you’ve probably been watching at least part of the Crossfit Games this past week. The Teens and Masters have been finished since Friday, but the Teams and Individuals are still battling it out. It’s been an inspiring and exciting week of competition and it’s easy to be in awe of what these athletes can do. It takes a certain amount of prior knowledge to really appreciate the athletes. If you’re a part of a Crossfit gym and have completed some of the movements and lifts seen on the Games, you understand just how amazing the feats of strength and skill are. But there’s another side to watching the Crossfit Games. There’s a tendency to ....

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  • "What is CrossFit, exactly?"

    Journeyman Fitness is hosting another Bring a Friend Week this July 25 th – 30 th , and we’re encouraging our members to invite their family and friends to join us for a workout. But, let’s be honest; when asked to attend a Crossfit class many of your friends and family may not really understand what they’re getting into. And, although you’ve been Crossfitting for a few months or more, they may have questions about Crossfit that you don’t know how to answer. Don’t worry – I’ll answer them all for you, right here and now! Consider this a crash-course in most things Crossfit: What Crossfit is, what goes on at a Crossfit class, and what we at Journeyman Fitness do differently. ....

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  • You Can't Focus On Just Your Cardio!

    Yeah, you heard me (or, read correctly). Stop trying to lose weight by grinding out another 30 minute session on the Elliptical. Stop thinking that a “quick 5” around the park is going to help you lose those pesky 10 lbs you want to get rid of Stop believing that “more cardio” is the secret to getting leaner. WHAAAAAA?!?? You ask me in your head as you read this. “You’re a dummy and know nothing about losing weight.” “Hold on,” I say confidently, out loud, as I type this blog post. “Let’s do a little thought experiment.” First off, I own a gym and train people for a living, so this is even antithetical to my ....

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  • Strength Training for Ladies: Why You WON’T “Bulk Up”

    So many women I talk with, no matter what age, have similar concerns and complaints about their bodies. Most want to see a change in how they look, feel, and what they can do. I’ve spoken with women who say they look chubby, flabby, and weak. They want to look skinny, healthy, and toned. I’ve spoken with women who say they feel tired, unhappy, and self-conscious. They want to feel happy, confident, and energized. I’ve spoken with women who can’t get through a workout they found online, can’t keep up with their kids, and can’t get rid of that little stomach pudge. They want to complete workouts that will get results, have the energy to spend time and play with their family, and live life ....

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  • July 4th Nutrition Tips

    Happy July 4 th ! It’s that time of year again – I encourage all of you to spend your day outside enjoying the summer sun with family, friends, fireworks, and, of course, food. I’ll be focusing on 4 th of July food in this post – I have three main points to address concerning the holiday diet:
    Alternatives to condiments
    Health benefits of antioxidants 4 th of July food is awesome, but like any other American holiday, we often consume foods in excess. There’s so much great food at a 4 th of July cookout: hotdogs, burgers, potato chips, ice cream… and, of course, a refreshing lemonade or beer! But there’s often regret after a too-large meal on these days. One too many ....

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  • Vitamin D: Your New Flu Shot?

    Training. Nutrition. Supplements. Three big aspects of a plan to get healthier and stronger. The reason why Supplements are such a big part of Journeyman Fitness is the simple fact that 92% of people in the United States are deficient in one or more nutrients. This is according to the CDC and USDA. To keep this post simple as possible, we’re going to narrow down our discussion to one of the most important micronutrients – Vitamin D. How do you get Vitamin D? Well, there isn’t a “Vitamin D rich” food, so you can either get through sun exposure or through supplements. Generally, 15 minutes of being in sun exposure will be adequate for your body but the darker your skin tone, the harder ....

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  • Thursday Night Lights on March 24th at 8 PM

    It’s been a long and grueling four weeks. You’ve sweat and gotten really uncomfortable doing things like weighted lunges, heavy deadlifts, Handstand Push ups, and even trying to get that first Bar Muscle Up. And we’ve got one more workout to go to finish up the Open season. To make a big deal out of it, we’re going to host “Thursday Night Lights” this Thursday to watch the announcement of the last workout and even have some people go through the workout afterwards. Want to join us? We’ll be casting the workout announcement on a tv in the waiting room at 8 PM and doing the workout immediately afterward. Let us know you’ll be there and feel free to stick around to watch some people ....

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  • Bring a Friend Week: February 8th – 15th

    Hey you! Yeah, you! The one slinging weight around at Journeyman Fitness! We want you to help us out. And we want the biggest thing you can give us. Your trust.
    Don’t just survive life – Live it! .. We don’t want just anyone to come into Journeyman Fitness and work out at the gym. We want a very specific kind of person to partner with us. Someone who wants to invest in their health and is dedicated, in the long run, to improving their quality of life. Considering you’ve already made a commitment to your own health, we need you to look to a close friend who is unhappy with their current fitness program and invite them for a free week at the gym. Why is this such a big ask ....

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  • The Basics: Your first day

    Welcome to Journeyman Fitness’s blog and welcome to the start of your journey. First off, congratulations on beginning something new. You’re awesome for doing that. Starting anything new is always nerve wracking and definitely the worst part of any aspect of your life. People are, basically, designed to seek out a status quo or homeostasis. Starting a new workout plan or eating style or morning routine disrupts that homeostasis. To keep on the program until the new becomes the regular, I hope you’ve found a pretty big “why.” ———————– That’s where I want to start:
    Your “Why” for starting at Journeyman Fitness.
    What to expect on the first day of any new workout plan These two ....

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  • Upcoming Events: Week of January 25th

    I’m putting this down on the blog so that people have a great place to look for upcoming events. It’s a lot of information so make sure you read through
    Journeyman Fitness goes Bowling
    No more noon class – 2:30 PM for life!
    Open House for Boot camp class this Friday
    Team Competition at the gym – sign up by this Friday
    Bring a Friend Week – February 8th Journeyman Fitness Goes Bowling!
    We’re throwing down on Pine Plaza Lanes on Saturday Night! All members are invited to join. Just let us know if you’ll be coming. We’ll get 3-4 lanes and have a great time. Sign up sheet is in the waiting room at the gym. Where:
    Pine Plaza Lanes – 1130 Perry Hwy, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 When
    : ....

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  • The 2015 Christmas Throwdown Details

    We’re excited to host the Christmas Throwdown for the second year! Last year’s event was incredible and we’d like to have a bigger event this year and flesh out the Rx events in particular. Date: Saturday, December 5th, 2015. First workout starts at 8 AM. Details below The workouts will be three timed events with classic CrossFit Movements. No Ring Handstand push ups with a Medicine Ball between your feet. The workouts are a great way for new athletes to get experience competing as well. There is no Master’s category (unfortunately). The Scaled event is very popular, so make sure that you register early to lock in your spot. Read below for info on Registration, the Workouts, ....

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  • Testing Week at the gym – November 2nd

    Yo! When you come to the gym this week and next, you’ll notice that we’re doing some testing. I wanted to write and specifically address the strategy of this week. In addition, this will cover next week as well where we’ll be ramping up into another cycle. The “Too Long; Didn’t Read” Section
    Basically, we’re going to have a testing week to see how you’ve improved over the last few weeks and next week will be the first week of the next cycle. Both weeks will be light on volume which means that I’m expecting you to come into the gym and bring the intensity. This also allows for everyone’s body to recoup a little. It’s a deload. No one can go HAM 52 weeks of the year. We ....

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  • Foundations Class – Calculating your lifting numbers

    If you are joining us in our Foundations class, you’ll notice that we’re employing Wendler’s 5/3/1 program. We squat on Tuesday, Press on Thursday, and Deadlift on Saturday. You could use these numbers to bench as well if you’d like and can carve out the time. In fact, I’ll spot you, bro! If you want to read about what Wendler’s 5/3/1 program is about, there is a great article on T-Nation here. The lifting sequence matches up perfectly with our philosophy on gaining strength:
    Start Light
    Progress slowly
    Leave the ego at the door
    Be able to train for a lifetime
    No confusion (this will not be true when you first start – but that’s why you have a coach) To help with the inherent ....

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  • Mobility: Quick and dirty Hip Openers for squatting

    We’ve got some Overhead squatting today and I wanted to share three things you can do to get better movement. It’s definitely a quick and dirty video – it’s out of focus and the sound cuts out at the end. However, the movements aren’t too difficult to do and you don’t need the sound for the last one. Use this before and during your squatting movements. And if you are feeling particularly brave, load up a band and get some distraction. ....

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  • October Athlete Highlight – Lisa Grottenthaler

    settled in the Pittsburgh area (Kennedy Twp, McKees Rocks, Montour HS) when in I was in the second grade Current Location:
    Oakdale, PA Age:
    53 Occupation:
    Registered Nurse College:
    CCAC – North Campus How long have you been a CrossFitter?
    Just signed on for my third year! Did you ever play sports?
    Yes – I love all sports! I played basketball through middle school Got some cool (or uncool) hobbies you’d like to share?
    Yard work, I love to cook when I have time. I love to organize (and loved the show “Clean Sweep”) What is your biggest achievement at CrossFit?
    Proving to myself that at over 50 you can still improve yourself and accomplish workouts ....

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  • Instagram: A list of some Favorite Athlete Insta Accounts

    Instagram. It’s pretty much the best time waster. It’s also the best way to brag to your friends about what you’re up to during the day. ——————————— On a related note, to have an interesting day that you can brag about, there should be an “idea” of what interesting looks like. For instance, if you lift all day, what’s “good” lifting look like. If you are a bodybuilder, what are the top dawgs doing on a regular basis? To a point: to be successful, you need to understand what success should look like. If you don’t know what it means to earn a million dollars, then you should research the people who earn a million dollars during the year. If you want to be a top football prospect in ....

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  • Barbell Club – Week of October 12th, 2015

    Snatch 70% x 3 reps x 5 sets Snatch Pull 85% x 4 reps x 5 sets Pause Back Squats 65% x 5 x 5 Wednesday
    Clean 70% x 3 reps x 5 sets Clean Pull 85% x 4 reps x 5 sets Front Squats 75% x 3 x 5 sets Saturday
    Snatch 60% x 3 reps, 70% x 2, 80% x 1, 85% x 1, work up to a heavy single Clean and Jerk 60% x 3 reps, 70% x 2, 80% x 1, 85% x 1, work up to a heavy single Front Squat – work up to a heavy single SLDL 3 x 5 reps AHAP Strength Monday
    Run 1/2 mile Couch Stretch and Pigeon pose – 90 seconds each leg each stretch Back Squat – Find a 7 RM Romanian Deadlifts – 4 x 8 reps AHAP rest 45s BB Shrugs – 3 x 15 reps Chin ups 3 x ME BB Curls – 15-12-9-12-15 ....

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  • Barbell Club – Week of October 5th, 2015

    Programs listed below for our Barbell Club which will be offering programming for Strength athletes as well as Weightlifting Athletes For the strength programming, the programming will be done by Journeyman Fitness staff For the Olympic Lifting, the programming will be based off of Catalyst Athletics programming Olympic Lifting – Week 4 of 4 of Start program Monday
    – weights are chosen by feel – all working sets are within 10# of each other – increase the weights from last week as you’re able to. Come in an extra day and go for max lifts Clean and Jerk – 5 sets x 1 Clean + 1 Jerk Clean Pull – 3 x 2 Back Squat – 5 x 2 reps Wednesday
    Snatch 5 x 1 reps Snatch Pull 3 x 2 ....

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  • Barbell Club – Week of Sept 28th, 2015

    Programs listed below for our Barbell Club which will be offering programming for Strength athletes as well as Weightlifting Athletes For the strength programming, the programming will be done by Journeyman Fitness staff For the Olympic Lifting, the programming will be based off of Catalyst Athletics programming Olympic Lifting – Week 3 of 4 of Start program Monday
    – weights are chosen by feel – all working sets are within 10# of each other – increase the weights from last week as you’re able to Clean and Jerk – 5 sets x 1 Clean + 1 Jerk Clean Pull – 3 x 3 Back Squat – 5 x 3 reps Wednesday
    Snatch 5 x 1 reps Snatch Pull 3 x 3 Front Squat 5 x 2 Abs and Back work ....

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  • Barbell Club – Week of September 21st, 2015

    Programs listed below for our Barbell Club which will be offering programming for Strength athletes as well as Weightlifting Athletes For the strength programming, the programming will be done by Journeyman Fitness staff For the Olympic Lifting, the programming will be based off of Catalyst Athletics programming Olympic Lifting – Week 2 of 4 of Start program Monday
    – weights are chosen by feel – all working sets are within 10# of each other – try to use the same weights as last week with the extra volume, but don’t go maximal Clean and Jerk – 5 sets x 3 Clean + 1 Jerk Clean Pull – 4 x 3 Back Squat – 5 x 5 reps Wednesday
    Snatch 5 x 3 reps Snatch Pull 4 x 3 Front ....

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  • Barbell Club – Week of September 14th, 2015

    Programs listed below for our Barbell Club which will be offering programming for Strength athletes as well as Weightlifting Athletes For the strength programming, the programming will be done by Journeyman Fitness staff For the Olympic Lifting, the programming will be based off of Catalyst Athletics programming Olympic Lifting – Week 1 of 4 of Start program Monday
    – weights are chosen by feel – all working sets are within 10# of each other Clean and Jerk – 5 sets x 2 Clean + 1 Jerk Clean Pull – 3 x 3 Back Squat – 3 x 5 reps Wednesday
    Snatch 5 x 2 reps Snatch Pull 3 x 3 Front Squat 3 x 3 Abs and Back work will be done each day – choose one back exercise and two ab ....

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  • Open Gym Schedule – Tuesdays in September

    On Tuesdays from 5 PM to 6 PM, we’re holding Open Gym Hours to work on Skills and drills There will be a focus for each hour, but it will also be a time for you to ask questions, get some feedback and work on skills that you’ve been having difficulty with. Sept 15th – Snatches
    – Focus on the hang position and the weight on your feet Sept 22nd – Double Unders
    Sept 29th – Jerk
    – Focus on footwork ....

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  • September Athlete Highlight – Barry Sebesta

    Just in time for #TransformationTuesday, let’s talk to our newest initiate into the Muscle-Up Club, Barry! Hometown:
    South Bend, IN Current Location:
    Wexford, PA Age:
    35 Occupation:
    Project Manager – Westinghouse College:
    Indiana University How long have you been a CrossFitter?
    I started in July 2014 Did you ever play sports?
    I played football in high school. I wasn’t very good. I kinda just filled a hole on the offensive line. Got some cool (or uncool) hobbies you’d like to share?
    When I’m not working on a home project, I like to do some bass fishing. What is your biggest achievement at CrossFit?
    I think I may have beat Ola in a Metcon once. What ....

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  • We’re getting a facelift!

    It was not too long ago that I remember we had a “blank slate” in the gym. Kathryn and I would walk into the gym and the walls were white, there was no equipment, and any sound would echo off the walls. We would spend our days painting the walls a blue / grey (which included every inch of our 15 ft walls) and organizing the tons of weight around the gym. Two years after those weeks of preparation, we’re focused on giving the gym a new look and adding some more workout space. Starting on Sunday, August 23rd, we’ll be demolishing the drywall in the waiting room and shifting the wall so our training space increases by close to 1000 sq ft. We’re down sizing our waiting room and ....

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  • Coach Highlight – Ian Beck

    Cumberland, MD Current Location:
    West Mifflin, PA Age:
    23 Occupation:
    Personal Trainer College:
    National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) How long have you been a CrossFitter?
    3 weeks (update from Kathryn: now it’s been *checks calendar* five weeks. #TimeToGoPro) Did you ever play sports?
    I have played sports all of my life; Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and Soccer Got some cool (or uncool) hobbies you’d like to share?
    My biggest hobby would have to be Golfing What is your biggest achievement at CrossFit?
    Starting Crossfit :p What do you feel that you still need to work on?
    Flexibility and Range of Motion Goals for the rest of this ....

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  • June Athlete Highlight – Matt Jones

    I was born in Houston Texas but mostly raised in Ohio Current Location:
    Gibsonia, PA Age:
    18 Occupation:
    Full Time Student College:
    I plan on attending the University of Dayton How long have you been a CrossFitter?
    I have been doing CrossFit inspired workouts since December 2014 Did you ever play sports?
    I played baseball for three years in highschool Got some cool (or uncool) hobbies you’d like to share?
    I like to hike, mountain bike, fish, swim, and play video games What is your biggest achievement at CrossFit?
    I just achieved my first ever muscle up in May What do you feel that you still need to work on?
    I feel like I need to work on Double ....

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  • Bethany Christian Adoption Workout – May 30th

    Welcome to the Bethany Christian Adoption Workout explanation page. Most of the workout details will be explained on this page for reference leading up to the event on May 30th. On May 30th, teams of two will take on Journeyman Fitness’s Benefit Workout in support of Bethany Christian Adoption Services. Prices: $100 for a team of two. All money will go directly to Bethany Christian Adoption Services. Workout Explanation
    At the top of the hour, teams of two will complete ten consecutive workouts and attempt to accumulate the most points possible. Explained simply – 10 sets of 3:00 AMRAPS alternating with a partner (Each athlete performs 5 AMRAPs with 3:00 between sets). Teams can ....

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  • The Journeyman Fitness / Sojourner CrossFit Leaderboard

    Recently, the CrossFit Media team allowed gyms and people and onlookers to create a custom leaderboard, separate from their “default” filters like region, state, worldwide, etc If you’re interested in how you’re doing in our gym compared to everyone else, then look no further. This will update as your scores update. If you want to create your own leaderboard, then click here to create it. Journeyman Fitness – Total Gym Scoreboard

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  • CrossFit Open 15.1 and 15.1a – Strategies for most athletes

    Welcome and good luck on CrossFit Open Workout 15.1 and 15.1a. One of the most exciting workouts to come out of the Open. Watch and listen to a couple of strategies we’ve come up for athletes looking to maximize their workout but not necessarily make it to Regionals. ....

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  • Back Squat

    An integral part of our training, the Back Squat will be explained and shown through pictures and videos and examples on this page. This page will be continually updated as we find great example pieces to share. There are two types of back squats: the low bar back squat and the high bar back squat. Both are fantastic and used for different purposes considering the type of loading they create on the body. In our gym, we prioritize the high bar back squat due to the transfer to the Olympic lifts and other movements such as Wallballs, front squats, thrusters, etc If you are interested in learning about the low bar back squat, I would read “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe or read the ....

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  • Let us upgrade your membership!

    The new year is upon us and we (Journeyman Fitness) are looking to grow the gym and make 2015 our best year yet. As an athlete who is looking to get in shape and look the best you have in years, I’m sure you’re also thinking about all of the great things YOU’RE going to accomplish in 2015. Looking back over the past year, we know how many people we have at the gym and we know how often people come to the gym. We’ve seen hundreds of pounds lost and some serious Personal Bests get set in the gym. Considering all of that, most people are coming just 3x /week. That’s why, for the first few weeks of 2015, we want to upgrade your membership. Whether you are a new athlete or someone who has ....

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  • October Client of the Month: Lauren Manion

    Today, we’re sharing a conversation we had with our October Client of Month. Everyone, meet Lauren Manion. An incredible athlete who works hard in the gym and is a great teammate to everyone she sees in Journeyman Fitness. Read below for more info. The info is straight from a conversation, so the syntax is left as close to the conversation style as possible. Coach Mark: How old are you?
    Lauren: I’m 33 Where do you live?
    Wexford What do you do?
    I’m a geologist for an Oil and Gas company. How long have you been a geologist?
    I have been a geologist for 8+ years Did you start out in Pittsburgh or did you come from somewhere else?
    I grew up in Pittsburgh. I grew up in Mt. ....

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  • You Define Yourself by Your Words

    A nugget from the weekend. How did you feel this morning ? Excited? Fired up? Ready to conquer? Like a superhero?
    Most likely, you woke up, rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, and said, “I’m tired.” Then you moved forward through the day. How did you feel after you said those words? Tired, obviously! But, instead of saying, “I’m tired.” What happens if you say something like, “I’m ready to kick some butt!” Yes, you would have been tired but your attitude would have been completely different. Being tired, all of a sudden, isn’t such a burden. Or, what happens if you say, “I am a Superhero!” Imagine how awesome your morning would be after that. Right now, ....

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  • How to Lift: What is Linear Progression?

    A quick summary on the concept of “Linear Progression.” This is relevant to ALL levels of athletes: from the absolute beginner to elite level competitor. Getting into any kind of training should be basic, simple to understand, and yield tangible results. For beginners, your training should be based around the concept of “be better today than you were yesterday.” Yet, I still see people who are not sure how to turn that phrase into a plan. Most of the time they over complicate the process and have questions such as:
    How am I supposed to be stronger than yesterday? Should I add weight to the bar?
    Should I do the same workout as yesterday but add weight?
    What happens if I can’t lift more ....

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  • Getting Out of Your “Bubble”

    It could be worse. Stay with me here. I’m going somewhere with this: You are not a special little snowflake. You have problems. You have bills that need to be paid. You have work that needs to get done by a certain deadline. You’re not getting enough sleep. You’re upset by what Sally said about you last week. But, remember, it could be worse. Here is a story from a fellow gym owner who is working on a project for her gym. She sent this email to a group of us yesterday: All day yesterday I was stressing that the printing of the [project] binders wasn’t perfect. It was seriously bumming me out. I wanted everything to be exact and make everyone happy. But, hey, there ....

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