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  • Client of the Month: October - Dave Kohan

    Congratulations to our Client of the Month for October! Dave Kohan Dave is a car mechanic during his day and weight slanger by night - clanging and banging all up and down the weight buffet. He's been making such incredible progress in the gym over the last few months, we wanted to highlight his hard work and perseverance with this month's highest honor. Currently, he attends our evening CrossFit classes several times during the week and participates in several of our weekend trail runs and recently finished his first Spartan Sprint Race in Steubenville, OH. Dave, tell us a little bit about yourself: When did you start with Journeyman Fitness? How did you hear about the ....

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  • Power Hour

    What is Power Hour?
    When Journeyman Fitness started, we were all about CrossFit. It was the only thing we offered. Our clients changed their bodies, they got mentally tougher, they made great friends. But as the gym is evolving, we're starting to see some opportunities to help many more people get fit. Which is where our "Power Hour" comes in. The class can be:
    An hour of exercise designed for anyone to get a great sweat, leave feeling accomplished and amazing
    An intro program for CrossFit, where you can learn most of the movements and become more flexible, mobile, and knowledgeable
    An opportunity for more variety in their workout routine compared to just yoga, or just running, or ....

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  • Power Hour Thank You!

    We are very excited to get going with you. If you're ready to jump into a program that can help you:
    Get lean
    Get Stronger
    Feel Better
    Challenge you day in and day out You've found the right place. How to start:
    We've gotten a note from our system letting us know you want a free week - so send us an email at letting us know when you want your first date to be
    Make sure you've got some great looking workout clothes, water bottle, and leave your ego at home.
    Show up 15 minutes early to make sure you know how to get to the place and there aren't any issues with traffic or directions Finally, we need you to do one last thing Tell your friends about the ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - 30 At Home Workouts That Don't Need Equipment

    30 At Home Workouts That Don't Need Equipment

    Sometimes, whether you're short on time, or you're traveling for work, you need a workout. But the problem is: you don't have a gym to work out in. Obviously, that's a super bummer. But we've got the solution for you. We put together 30 workouts you can do at home, or on the road, that require no equipment* I added that little star because there are a few that require a pull up bar. For dips, you can use a bench or the edge of your bed. But they'll give you a challenge without requiring you to go to the local LA Fitness. Fill in your information and we'll send you a pdf by email. ....

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  • Whitelisting Emails from JF

    I know - this is super exciting stuff. But it is necessary. It's never fun when you're out of the loop, and with all of the increased security and filtering through work emails, the chances of you missing our emails is super high. So, follow these super easy instructions for "whitelisting" our emails AKA letting your email service know that we're not a security threat or spam. Whitelisting with Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo email AOL Mail

    Open a message from the desired sender
    Click Show Images: Always for this sender
    Comcast SmartZone

    Click Address Book

    Click New
    . Select New Contact

    Add email address.
    Click Save

    Open a message from the desired sender
    Click ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - 3 Day Meal Plan

    3 Day Meal Plan

    The key to weight loss is not following a strict diet, having unrealistic body image expectations, or depriving yourself of your favorite foods. Rather, it’s about adopting lifestyle changes that improve your overall health and help you look and feel like your best self. If your last diet fell apart before you really got started, we’ve created an easy-to-stick-to healthy meal plan to make your weight-loss plan a success. Follow the suggested meals on this weight-loss meal plan in any order, and you can expect to be one step closer to a healthier, leaner you in three days. ....

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  • Metabolism - Do you Have a Fast Or Slow Metabolism?

    A quick question before we get into this article: If you're frustrated with trying to lose weight and failing over and over again, how many articles have you read about how to "boost your metabolism"? A thousand? Think about it: Every issue of cosmopolitan, men's health, Shape, all have articles every month about how to change your metabolism. I'm sure over the months you've picked up and read a few. But is the issue that you need to "boost" it? And how do you "boost" it? What have those articles recommended? Here's a few super articles that left me with zero direction on how to boost my metabolism simply because there were SO MANY THINGS I NEEDED TO DO. has a list ....

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  • ON RAMP Classes

    Interested in CrossFit but wondering how you can get started? We've got the perfect class for you... Our ON RAMP class. How this works
    For $99, we're offering you four weeks of classes. For the first week, those classes will be in a small group of up to 4 people, where we will instruct and teach all of the basic movements you'll see in CrossFit. The classes will be Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 PM and Saturday morning at 8 AM. The classes will run concurrently with the Open class we have at that time. The small class of 4 and an instructor will allow you to receive plenty of attention and instruction from one of our coaches. The class will be an hour and will include a ....

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  • Pat took his Fasting Blood Glucose from 200 to 66

    If you had to lose weight to save your life, what would you do? For some people, it becomes a desperate scene. They've "tried everything" and look at surgery as the only and remaining option. For Pat, he had a unique situation where it wasn't a lifetime of being overweight that triggered health issues, but an auto-immune disease that took away his kidneys and set off a cascade of health issues he wanted to fix. A little backstory: Patrick contacted us at Journeyman Fitness a few years after he had received a kidney from his sister. Post-transplant, Pat was on a host of medications that were regulating his cholesterol, insulin, as well as a number of other things. His Fasting ....

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  • CrossFit in Wexford - Journeyman Fitness - Our "Not One Grape" rule

    Our "Not One Grape" rule

    Have you ever heard that you need "small meals to fire up your metabolism?" Ever be advised to just "grab a few almonds" when you're hungry? Wonder why you're not losing weight? --------- I don't want to complicate things. You're on your way to losing your first 10 lbs and everything is pretty overwhelming. You're wondering if sweet potato is better than white potato. And you've heard that cholesterol is bad for you but eggs (which has cholesterol) are good for you... Just... Hold up. Take a breath. And realize that everything will be ok. Your body is a very resilient organism. You've gone through decades of surviving and I'm sure you're gotten past all of the bad days so ....

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