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  • Alison, Journeyman Fitness Testimonials

    The coaches and members at Journeyman create such a unique community unlike anything I've ever experienced before. They are so supportive and help me to push myself but also help me to recognize and celebrate the progress I make personally. It is amazing to be in the middle of a workout and have the whole gym cheering you on, and even have a friend or two willing to come over and finish the workout with me! The experience is unbeatable. It's so nice to come to the gym and know that the coaches really know me and help me to adapt any part to what I'm able to do at the time.

  • Rich, Journeyman Fitness Testimonials

    I joined Journeyman's Fitness because I needed a change from my standard workout routines. I'm a runner and occasionally hit the weights, but joining JF has transformed my body in 3 months to where I am once again in the shape I was 25 years ago when I was in college. When I started, the timing was perfect for me to also join the Takedown Challenge. I fully committed myself to the exercise, weight training, and the nutritional aspect of this challenge. JF provided excellent instruction and coaching during the challenge as I lost over 19 pounds and 6% body fat, including 3" from my waist, in only 28 days. I would like to thank JF for the opportunity for me to change my life for the better!

  • Dana, Journeyman Fitness Testimonials

    I have been working out at Journeyman Fitness since November 2014. In that time I have seen so many body changes; my abs, my back, my arms and my overall strength has greatly improved. I remember my daughter feeling so heavy to me at 20+ lbs but now I can lift her with ease. The coaches truly care about helping you meet your goals.

  • I started distance running about 2.5 years ago and after an injury in May I was looking for something else to do that would not only rehabilitate my running, but increase my general fitness. I drive by Journeyman Fitness on my daily commute and finally stopped in on a Saturday. Shelly was a great help, and gave me great information on what was offered. Most importantly, she was very open and receptive to someone with very little weight training experience. After signing up, Journeyman Fitness delivered on what was promised. Mark and Kathryn offer a clean, inviting atmosphere for all levels to train. The scheduled workouts are ideal for a busy lifestyle and the other members are great and helpful as well. In the 5 short weeks I've been a member, I have already recognized great improvements in my mood, sleep and of course my ability to lift. I would highly recommend Journeyman Fitness to anyone who is looking to make a great decision regarding their health and fitness.

  • My experience at Journeyman Fitness has been both scary and rewarding. I started to lose weight, Belly Fat, and of course tone my muscles. My expectations were far exceeded. In 4 weeks I lost 3 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my hips and a total of over 8 pounds. The Takedown Challenge really made me feel fantastic and motivated. I highly recommend both the TDC and the foundations class, where you learn what CrossFit is all about.

  • Brett, Journeyman Fitness Testimonials

    My "journey" started at Journeyman Fitness in early March. I walked in the building and was immediately approached by two friendly faces, Mark and Kathryn. After a minute or two of talking, I found myself in Marks office. He asked me what I wanted out of CrossFit and I said, "I want to be the best." He had a smile on his face and was excited to get me started. I didn't know what to expect from CrossFit, but what I got was better than what I imagined. When my first class came around I was nervous, but ready to put the work in. Right away I felt at home, I was a part of this amazing community surrounded by great people, the best equipment, and a great location (behind a Starbucks). Since I joined, I've grown mentally, physically, and emotionally. Journeyman Fitness is not just a gym, it's a place away from home; it's a place that I love.



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